Spotify Premium APK Latest Version Free Download (Fully Unlocked)

Introduction of Spotify Premium Apk

A lot of people love music because music is the best way to relax even after a very stressful day. They just put on their headphones and enjoy their favourite songs or even playlists. And if you are a music lover you must know about this amazing application which is known as Spotify mod Apk latest version. There are two versions of Spotify, one is a free version and the other one is a paid version. By using the paid version we can enjoy the songs of our liking to the core.

Spotify Premium Apk

But now there is no need to pay for the music as you can get to listen to all the songs of your liking, free of cost by Spotify Premium Apk. Users can listen to the songs according to their mood and taste. They don’t need to pay for this application as it is completely free. This app will supply you with a huge collection of songs. Music listeners will enjoy the premium features of this app with this modified version without any subscription. The free link of Spotify Premium Apk 2024 is already provided on this page.

Features of Spotify Premium


If you are someone who doesn’t like interruptions while listening to your favorite songs or playlists then you are at a perfect place. This app allows you to enjoy the music at its core without any ads. The users can listen to their favourite podcasts and playlists without any barriers or breaks. There will be no disturbance at all. There won’t be a pop-up of any kind of Audio or Video ads.

Unlimited Music

You can also listen to music wherever and whenever you want. You can enjoy the beats, raps, songs and any kind of music genre 24/7 on your device. As compared to the free version of Spotify, Spotify Mod Apk is worth it because we can listen to music almost all the time. However, in the free version of Spotify, we can only listen to 6 songs per hour because of the pop-ups and ads.


We can shuffle the songs as per our liking. Shuffles are unlocked in this premium version. Music listeners can easily shuffle and listen to their favourite songs again and again. You can even jump to the start and listen again.

High-Quality Audio

Music and songs that are played in this app are of the best of their quality. Each and every track will be played in the highest quality. Users will have the best experience ever while using this app.

Create your own Playlists

The music lovers can even create their own playlists and play them for themselves. They can just pick their favourite songs and create a new playlist. They can keep that playlist to themselves and they can share it with other users of this application as well. 

Enjoy Offline Music

No need to worry about excessive data usage cause you can save your data by downloading your favourite songs. You can listen to them even when you are offline. Listen to those downloaded songs on a loop even when you have a bad internet connection. The internet will not affect the high quality of the downloaded songs. It is a helpful feature of Spotify downloader.

All Premium features Unlocked

The premium version of Spotify provides you with a lot of unlimited features. In the Spotify paid version there are a lot of features but the membership costs a lot of money we are providing you with Spotify Mod apk which allows you to use all the premium features free of cost.

Unlimited Skips

In this premium version, you have a chance to skip the songs according to your taste. Listeners don’t need to keep waiting for the song to come to an end to switch to another one. They are always able to skip whatever song they want and they can even skip unlimited songs because there is no restriction for that. 

Different Soundtracks

You have full control of the soundtracks as well. You can just select whichever soundtrack you want. Not only soundtracks, they have many more genres. Music lovers can enjoy different shows, podcasts songs raps and a whole lot of things here. You just have to select the genre and all.

Spotify Premium Apk PC

You can easily install Spotify Premium Apk on your PC as well. You just have to follow these easy steps:

  • First, you have to download Blue Stack Emulator on your Laptop/PC
  • Next, you should download Spotify Premium Apk from the link on this page.
  • Now you have to go to your downloads and open this .apk file
  • It’ll be automatically installed on the Blue stack Emulator
  • Now open that installed apk file on the Blue stack
  • And it’s done.

Spotify Premium Apk Cracked

You can crack the Spotify Premium Apk here easily by the link and steps given above. No need to worry about the cracking, just follow the steps given above and enjoy the music to its fullest. 

Spotify Premium account free

You can get a free account on Spotify Premium by following the steps:

  • You have to download the apk file on your device/PC  from the internet
  • And follow the steps given above 
  • And fill in the details
  • Now enjoy the music

Spotify Premium Cancel

You can cancel your plans anytime on your account. You just have to log in, to Under your plan, you have to select change plans. Then go to Cancel Spotify and select Cancel Premium and you’re done cancelling. 

Spotify Premium Cost

The cost of Spotify is very much costly as it requires a paid subscription. It costs about $4.99 for a membership with students. And is $12.99 for a normal subscription. 

However, we are providing you with Spotify Premium Apk which is free of cost and very friendly. You can enjoy all the features without spending a single penny on it.


Now that you know everything about Spotify Premium you can get it from here. We talked about its features and its controls. The offers, plans and features were all covered in this article. Now, you can get a whole experience of the app just by reading the article and you are able to download it easily.


How much does Spotify cost?

 Spotify offers both free and premium membership choices. The superior membership begins at $9.99 each month.

Can I listen to music offline on Spotify?

Yes, with a premium membership, you can download melodies and pay attention to them offline.

Can I share my Spotify playlists with friends?

Totally! You can share your playlists with friends by sending them the playlist link or straightforwardly sharing it via virtual entertainment.

Does Spotify have podcasts?

Yes, Spotify has a wide choice of podcasts accessible on the stage. You can investigate and pay attention to different webcasts on various points.

Is there a family plan for Spotify?

Yes, Spotify offers a family plan where up to six relatives can appreciate premium highlights at a limited cost.

Can I connect Spotify to other devices, like my car or smart speakers?

 Yes, Spotify can be connected with viable devices like vehicle frameworks, smart speakers, and something else for a consistent listening experience.

How does Spotify recommend music based on my preferences?

Spotify utilizes algorithms and your listening history to suggest music in light of your preferences, including comparable craftsmen and customized playlists.

Are there ads on the free version of Spotify?

Yes, the free version of Spotify includes promotions. However, you can move up to an exceptional membership to partake in a promotion-free encounter.

Can I download songs on Spotify?

Yes, with a premium membership, you can download songs and pay attention to them disconnected without an internet connection.

What happens if I cancel my Spotify subscription?

On the off chance that you drop your Spotify membership, you will lose admittance to premium features, yet you can in any case utilize the free rendition of Spotify.